Fantic TX2 E-Scooter

Fantic TX2 E-Scooter

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The Fantic TX2 E-Scooter combines riding comfort and sophisticated design, where technology meets aesthetics thanks to the clean lines. Thanks to a colorful TFT (Thin-Film-Transistor) display you can monitor your speed, charge level and distance travelled. You can also select the type of traction, turn the lights on or off and register your fingerprint all with a simple touch

  • Three driving modes available, all capable of maintaining the highest level of safety and stability
  • First level: 3.75 mph(6Km/h) for pedestrian areas
  • Second level: 12.5 mph (20Km/h)
  • Third level: 15.5 (25Km/h).
  • Dual 500-Watt motor
  • 369Wh battery
  • 8.5" airless wheels
  • Weight: 30.65 lbs (13.9 Kg)
  • Max Weight: 220 lbs (100 Kg)
  • Charging time: 5 hrs.
  • Fingerprint registration.

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Shipped faster than expected to my place. Loving the ride so far, I've been getting lots of comments from other riders about where I got it.

Chicago, IL

I freaking love this bike. Handles my usual trails without any problems and hasn't had any issues despite the beating it takes.

San Jose, CA

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