How to Ride a E-Scooter

How to Ride an Electric Scooter?

With the popularity of electric scooters, more and more people use them to commute or play, whether adults, children or the elderly. Although it is not difficult to ride an electric scooter, it is necessary to pay attention to some basic riding rules. This article will introduce you in detail to how to ride an electric scooter safely and standardly.

Safety Gear

Whether you are a novice or a veteran who can ride at will, safety equipment is essential.  E-Scooters are quickly becoming advanced machines cabable of reaching speeds up to 50MPH so safety on your board becomes a priority. When you encounter any emergency, wearing safety equipment can protect your body to the greatest extent.

  • Quality Helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads

In any case, remember to wear a helmet. After you have some riding experience, you can take off the knee pads and elbow pads.

How to Ride an Electric Scooter

  1. Place the electric scooter on the open and flat ground.

  2. Lift the bracket of the electric scooter and hold the handle with both hands.

  3. According to your habit, put one leg on the scooter first, and rub the other leg against the ground so that the scooter slides forward and keeps the balance.

  4. While sliding forward, press the throttle slowly and keep accelerating.

  5. After the scooter accelerates, the other leg on the electric scooter, and use this leg to keep balance.

    PS:Do not press the accelerator hard. It will make the scooter accelerate too fast and cause you to fall.

  6. Rotate the handlebars to turn. This step is always simple. You need to keep your balance and tilt the handlebar in the direction you want.

  7. When braking, there are generally two braking modes, namely, electronic brake and brake lever. No matter which braking method is used, please remember to brake slowly to prevent the scooter from falling due to too fast braking.

It is easy to learn how to ride an electric scooter. After reading the above steps, I think you can quickly master how to ride an electric scooter.

Common Mistakes While Riding

  • Press the throttle hard
  • Press the brakes hard
  • Turn the handle sharply to turn

All three mistakes will cause you to fall off the scooter.

  • Not wearing helmet

Wearing a helmet can protect your head in case of any safety accident.

At Last

Whether you buy an adult electric scooter or a kids electric scooter, please remember to wear safety equipment for riding.

When you are not riding, please keep it safe or lock it to avoid theft.