Fantic E-Bike Review

Fantic Ebikes

The Fantic electric bike range is among the new generation of electrically powered personal transport. This collection of ebikes has been put together by a team of passionate engineers using innovative design to help riders reach previously inaccessible terrain and provide a superb user experience.


What Makes Fantic Electric Bikes So Unique?


Rider Focussed Frame Design


The Fantic electric bikes are eye-catching thanks to elegant frame designs. But these striking aesthetics are not all form over function. For example, the intricately intertwined aluminum tubes of the Fantic Issimo create a strong and lightweight frame, providing safety and practicality while adding style.


The rest of the range has all the bases covered with appropriate geometry to suit their purposes, such as the trail-biased XTF, the big mountain terrain slayer XMF, the Fat Sport Hardtail, and the commuter-friendly Seven Days Living Trekking Bike.


Excellent Power And Torque From Premium Powertrains


Fantic takes care to select the best electric motors and batteries but ensures that they meet most local ebike laws, making them more accessible and useable.


Each Fantic electric bike has 250W of maximum power. Therefore, you can legally ride them in most locations without insurance and licenses. In addition to this, the quality motors have high torque figures, making steep climbs and riding rough terrain a piece of cake. This is helped by high-end SRAM and Shimano drivetrains, providing precise and reliable gear shifting.


The motors are powered by high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, these electric bikes have long ranges, allowing you to explore further between charges.


Superb Traction


Fantic has carefully selected a range of wheel and tire combinations to perfectly suit the terrain these electric bikes have been designed for. 


The Fantic Issimo has 20" wheels fitted with 4" wide, high-volume tires. The extra width of the tires gives you lots of traction in all weather conditions, while their high volume acts as suspension, smoothing out the ride. You also get these characteristics on the 26" x 4" Jumbo-Jim tires on the Fat Sport Hardtail, but the added traction also helps you to ride rugged terrain and on soft surfaces such as snow, sand, and wet mud.


The larger 27.5" wheels on the XMF and the 29" wheels on the XTF are best suited to trail riding and more technical routes. These larger wheel sizes make riding over rocks, roots, ruts, and other obstacles much more manageable.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, there's a Fantic electric bike to ride pretty much any terrain you need to. Whether you want an electric bike for getting around town, one that's rugged enough to take on the most challenging terrain, and everything in between, there's a Fantic electric bike for you.


We are excited to have these fantastic electric bikes in our lineup and are confident that you will love them as much as we do. If you like the idea of riding a Fantic electric bike, check out our online store to find the perfect one for your needs.