How many calories are burned on electric bikes?

It is well known that traditional bikes are a great way to exercise and burn calories.  Although e-cyclists will not burn as many calories; the average e-cyclist burns between 300-400 calories per hour or approximately 25% fewer calories compared to non-pedal assist bikers. 

E-cyclists spend more time on their bike 

The 25% loss of calories burned per hour is made up in time spent on the bike. Because electric bikes are easier to ride, e-cyclists are able to ride further, faster, and longer than traditional bike riders. Thus potentially burning more calories in the long run. 

Electric bikes work you out without extra pain

High-impact sports such as running are hard on your joints. But cycling is a low-impact exercise and with the help of the motors that are on electric bikes, the impact is even less! So you won’t feel pain after electric biking like you would participating in some other sports.

Electric bikes are fun so you want to use them

It does not matter how many calories an exercise burns if you never do it. Riding electric bikes are enjoyable making you look forward to getting your exercise in. When your concerns about hills and headwinds are taken out of the equation, there are no more excuses to not get on your bike.