The Best Pro Dirt Scooters on the Market

Who would have thought off-road scooters are a thing? Scooting on pavement is all well and good, but if you have the possibility to carve through a swath of hard-packed earth without any difficulty, then why not take advantage of that? This is the sort of invention we often considered but never expected. What an awesome surprise!

Although dirt scooters aren’t exactly new, they’ve been recently made popular by advancements in technology, making them a far more viable option for off-road transportation than before. You no longer have to pull out the dirt bike for a quick trip into the woods - your dirt scooter will do just fine.

Difference Between a Kick Scooter and a Dirt Scooter

When most of us think of a scooter, we think of a kick scooter. To keep it simple, they’re the scooters that we grew up with, essentially composed of roller skate wheels attached to a wooden or a metal board.

Today’s scooters are quite different, instead featuring an aluminum, steel, or magnesium chassis with a handlebar, underneath which are two hard wheels on opposite ends. Many improvements have been made to scooter designs over the years.

Kick scooters work on a per-push basis. That is, you ride them on relatively flat, smooth surfaces, and push your foot along the side of the road to catch speed, just as you would with a skateboard. They’re pretty much everyone’s notion of what a scooter is.

Here’s the kicker. Dirt scooters, although very similar to kick scooters, are different in a couple of aspects, such as the metals used in their construction. They tend to have fat, air-filled tires that are much better suited to bumpy terrain when compared to traditional wheels, which don’t perform that well when jumping.

To keep it short, kick scooters are for smooth surfaces, such as those usually found in cityscapes, while dirt scooters are perfect for parks, dirt trails, or backwater towns. While dirt scooters aren’t hard to use on smooth terrain, they’re definitely not as efficient as their kick-based counterparts.

One serious advantage kick scooters have over dirt scooters is that they are foldable. Dirt scooters, due to their heavyset, sturdy design, are generally not able to be folded, and so carrying them around can get a bit difficult. On the other hand, they’re great for transportation, so odds are they’ll be carrying you instead.

List of the Best Dirt Scooters

Want to become the king of the hills in no uncertain manner? The best route for you to take if you have it in mind to dominate off-road terrain is to purchase a pro dirt scooter. If you thought shredding Mother Nature apart with awesome tricks and blinding speed can only be done with a dirt bike, then we couldn’t be more glad to prove you wrong.

Here’s a solid list of the best dirt scooters on the market for both novices and the experienced.

Osprey Dirt Scooter

An osprey is a fish hawk. If that doesn’t suggest the intensity of the Osprey brand, then we don’t know what does. Syke! We do - their scooters! This amazing all-rounder model is not only highly affordable but also made from high-quality materials, giving you a whole lot of bang for your buck.

Durable and built to last, the Osprey Dirt Scooter has thick pneumatic tires meant for off-road usage together with 3-piece aluminum metal hubs that can withstand a lot of pressure, whether from terrain or landing cool tricks. Is that not enough for you? How about we convince you with a wide array of available colors, which this scooter model has a lot of!

Swagtron KR1 All-Terrain Dirt Kick Scooter

We love the Swagtron brand. The name is hilarious, and their products are of superb quality, often knocking their competitors out of the park. This particular model has been designed for high performance on both dirt and concrete, having been fitted with large and thick 8-inch knobby tires.

Like doing awesome tricks? A triple-clamp steel fork and a wide 5-inch deck are exactly what you need to perfectly land all of the gnarly stuff you’ll be attempting. Even if you’re not a big fan of doing tricks, these features are useful when scooting over uneven, bumpy terrain. Your feet are guaranteed not to slide off given the width of the deck.

Razor Pro RDS Dirt Scooter

Looking for the elite of dirt scooters? The Razor brand is probably the most well-known, having produced dozens of extraordinary models that have earned their place in the dirt scooter hall of fame. The amazing Razor Pro RDS model is perfect for off-road adventures as well as scooting on pavement, making it highly versatile.

An aircraft-grade aluminum frame makes it very durable while also keeping it lightweight enough to be carried around without much effort, which is more than we can expect from dirt scooters, which tend to be on the heavier side. A wide deck clothed in rough grip tape designed to ensure your feet don’t slip in critical moments is an added advantage, as this beast of a scooter is great for landing memorable tricks.

Royal Scout Pro II Dirt Scooter

Feel like a king while riding in style with the Royal Scout Pro II mode. If one pro isn’t enough, then two will certainly do the trick. This cool model is unique in that it has been specially designed to be high-performing in all manner of terrain, which makes a lot of sense when considering they picked the word “scout” for its name.

Those fond of riding their BMX will feel at home when using this scooter, as it had threadless BMX style forks that make it very easy to maneuver. The lightweight aluminum chassis is an added benefit, which, together with the Chromoly steel bars, makes this model significantly lighter than most others. Has MBS wheels, which some consider to be the best in the world.

Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Ride

Dirt doesn’t have to be an enemy of your scooter. You can now make it a very valued ally by adopting a dirt scooter into your family. Regardless of whether you, your girlfriend, or your hyperactive little brother is going to make use of it, a dirt scooter is the perfect solution to cheap transportation that can handle a multitude of situations.

Interested in more than just simple scooters? Check out all about Swagtron e-scooters here!